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Fertility Test For Woman

  • Hormone analysis:

    Day 2 analysis of hormones i.e., FSH, LH and PRL give us an overall idea about the hormonal profile for that particular menstrual cycle. E2 and Progesterone could be suggested for some females. Apart from this AMH and Thyroid profile may also be done if no recent reports are available.

    Ultrasound of the Pelvis:

    A routine pelvic ultrasound is done at our clinic to have an idea regarding uterine size, myometrium and endometrial echo texture and also the ovarian structure and position. Ultrasound gives us an idea if the ovaries are normal or polycystic and also a few cases of endometriosis where the endometriotic cysts are near the ovaries.

    Vaginal Examination:

    Vaginal examination is done for patients as a routine and or in women who have frequent complaints of vaginal discharge. The examination is done using a speculum and is a minimal invasive procedure. The cervix is visualised and the cervical health is determined, if necessary a Pap smear or a liquid based cytological smear may be performed to rule out cervical cancer.

    Hysterosalphingogram (HSG):

    HSG is suggested in order to determine the tubal patency; it is often suggested for couples who have been trying to conceive for at least two years without any success. This procedure is done under sedation and a radioactive dye is pushed through the cervix and an X-ray is taken to visualise the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

    Diagnostic Hysterolaparoscopy (DHL):

    DHL is suggested for couples who have been trying to conceive for 3 or more years to conceive with no success. It is a minor surgical procedure (button hole surgery) done under anaesthesia. A small tube with lens and light at one end is inserted into the button hole to see the uterus, tubes and ovaries. Minor corrections for PCOS like ovarian drilling, fimbreal dilatation (block from the ends of the fallopian tubes), sub-serous fibroid removal, cauterisation for early stages for endometriosis and removal of adhesions, etc., could be done through laparoscopy.