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Fertility Investgation For Man

  • Semen Analysis:

    Serological tests are mandatory in all Infertility clinics for the well-being of both the patient and our staff. This is followed by semen analysis which is the first and crucial test in determining fertility in men. If the semen analysis turns out normal the other hormone tests and local examination might not be necessary. For semen analysis the abstinence period should be essentially be between 2-5 days for us to provide an appropriate result. If there is any abnormalities in the semen analysis a hormone test and also scrotal examination is carried out.

    Blood tests:

    Routine serological screening and hormones such as testosterone, FSH, Inhibin etc is checked. These tests’ requirements vary from individual to individual and not all are necessary. These reports give us an idea about the actual fertility issues and help us guide you for further treatment.

    Local Examination:

    Anatomical examination is often followed by Scrotal Ultrasound and Doppler. This gives us an insight on any anatomical abnormalities such as undescended testes, any maturation issues, varicocoele, and any obstruction in the semen pathway.