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Fallopian Tube Abnormalities: Tuboplasty

  • The Fallopian tubes are very fine tubes, leading from the ovaries into the uterus. In the fallopian tubes the sperm and egg fuses to achieve fertilization and successfully implants in the uterus.

    Any problem or blocks of the fallopian tubes can cause the inability to conceive, because the sperm and egg cannot meet. Testing for tubal blocks is important as tubal obstruction is a major cause of infertility. Prior pelvic infection, surgery, or endometriosis can be the reasons for blocked fallopian tubes.

    Laparoscopy is used to diagnose and treat these disorders. When the fallopian tubes are severely damaged they must be removed to give a woman her best chance to conceive with in vitro fertilization.

    In other cases, pelvic scaring and endometriosis can be treated to improve a patient's chances of conceiving naturally or with less aggressive fertility treatments.

    Laproscopic Tubal Patency Testing is done routinely at Nirmal IVF Hospital
    Facility for Hysteroscopic Cannulation is available at Nirmal IVF Hospital