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  • Tubal Recanalisation/Reversal of Tubal Ligation is a surgery to reopen, untie, or reconnect a woman's fallopian tubes which were closed or blocked to prevent pregnancy.

    At present, around the World, tubal ligation is the most popular form of birth control. However such a woman may seek reversal due to unexpected events such as death of the child.

    To do this the surgeon may use laparoscopy or laparotomy with microsurgery this ensures to minimize injury to delicate tissue in and around fallopian tubes and helps to ensure clear passage within the tubes for the sperm and the ovum.

    Although microsurgical reversal achieved 100% patency rate in our patients, certain factors, like duration of sterilization, technique of sterilization, and the length of the tube remaining after reversal, played a crucial role in deciding the pregnancy rate.

    Therefore, patients who had tubal length > 4cm and had time interval between sterilization and reversal of < 5 years resulted in better pregnancy rate. Although the microsurgical technique has its own limitations, its proper application has brought a ray of hope to women seeking tubal ligation reversal.

    Facility for TUBAL RECANALISATION is available at Nirmal IVF Hospital